Python Cloud Software Engineer F/M


OpenStack is an open-source software for creating public and private clouds. Based on dozens of services, it was created to drive virtual machines, network, storage, containers, functions and many more cutting-edge services, with everything unified in OpenStack's API. 

In the OVH Public Cloud project team, we aim to deliver a best-in-class service for a wide range of customers – from start-ups with one VM, through to DevOps development playgrounds, and hybrid-cloud clusters with hundreds of VMs.

As part of the OVH Public Cloud OpenStack team, you will be challenged by huge-scale deployments and issues related to them, cooperation with upstream OpenStack developers from all over the world, and delivering the latest, most cutting-edge technologies as a service.

Do you want to:

  • - Learn the cloud (OpenStack) ecosystem?
  • - Work on large-scale Public Cloud deployments?
  • - Solve interesting problems in the cloud?


Do you have:

  • - Very good knowledge of Python?
  • - Good knowledge of Linux administration?
  • - Familiarity with good software development practices (writing tests, documentation etc.)?


If so, we're looking for you!

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