Stage CEPH - H/F


Ceph is an open-source, distributed storage system with no single point of failure. It is increasingly used as a software-defined storage solution for cloud infrastructure.

Our project's goal is to provide Ceph-as-a-Service, so others can make use of it without having to set it up and manage themselves.

Our project is most accurately described as delivering Infrastructure As Code. We write software that takes care of setting up systems, so that no human sysadmin intervention is required. We use Python as the primary programming language and Puppet for setting up and managing systems. We also contribute all our patches upstream.

We have an opportunity for a part time or full time internship, most of our team is in Poland, you may travel to Poland for few weeks.

Your Role:

  • Developing massive, distributed storage services for cloud computing
  • Developing IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) applications in Python and Puppet

Your skills

  • Good command of spoken and written English
  • Willingness to improve on programming and systems administration
  • Basic OOP programming knowledges
  • Basic unix operating systems knowledges

Your profile

Internship of 6 months based in Rennes to start as soon as possible