Product Marketing Manager - (H/F)



Within OVHcloud, the Digital Marketing & Communication Department (CDMO) is responsible for developing the customer experience throughout its lifecycle through products, services, solutions, marketing and communication actions adapted to the various customer segments of OVHcloud.


As a Product Marketing Manager, you will be responsible for a set of products and solutions from the BtoB Large Account segment and will ensure the development of these solutions. You will also ensure the conformity of offers in relation to the users' needs and adequacy within the market. You will contribute to the strategy, the marketing plan and the development of the brand for your customer segment (Cloud/ Spirit/ Market).


You are responsible for the implementation of the marketing plan, and act as a marketing reference for the entire range of products in your segment. Your understanding of business issues and your strong customer orientation enable you to offer attractive customer approaches. You will be a member of the Product Marketing team and will report to the Team Manager of the BtoB Large Account segment. You will contribute to the coherence and convergence of OVHcloud offers and you will be responsible for ensuring that your scope is part of the company's global strategy.  



Develop a detailed knowledge of customer needs and requirements

·      Develop strong relationships with customers through focus groups, consolidate feedback from teams in direct contact with customers and partners

·      Have an in-depth understanding of the needs of different market segments, identify personas and main associated use-cases

·      Define the areas of value creation and improvement for the identified targets

·      Ensure overall consistency of product offerings within their scope

·      Monitor the commercial performance of product offerings to ensure their adoption and growth and CHURN rate, monitor customer satisfaction

·      Track the product life cycle to improve the value proposition over time 


Monitor the competition and the sector

·      Monitor the competition to stay competitive

·      Identify trends/new sectors 


Contribute to the development of the product offer

·      Identify and consolidate the commercial and technical requirements expected by customers, to be taken into account when developing product offers and customer experience

·      Work with the Technical Marketing Manager to propose new concepts/offers and define product development priorities (product roadmap)

·      Contribute to defining the business model, make proposals for the pricing model, ensure consistency between product lines

·      Work with Customer Units and Clusters to propose new concepts/offers and define product development priorities (Product Roadmap) to address the different market segments

·      Work on the commercial argument allowing customers to realize­ the added value and the competitiveness of the OVHcloud offers


Ensure the consistency of the marketing and sales plan for its target, contribute to the launch and development of product offers

·      Contribute to the development of the product and positioning component of the CDMO marketing plan

·      Follow the product roadmap with the Product Managers and ensure Go To Market

·      Collaborate with the international Marketing and Content teams, ensuring consistency of actions to be taken in the context of a successful new product launch, and consistency of message in relation to market/customer needs

·      Take into account performance indicators in order to optimize the tunnels of conversions, upsell or relevant cross-sell

·      Collaborate with the Communication Department and the CDMO teams to create high added-value content

·      Support marketing teams in the design and use of tools necessary to promote the offer of your segment: launch offers, promote offers, end of life (expertise in needs and uses, help in developing marketing tools (white papers, brochures, websites, videos, etc.)  


Ensure the relationship with the ecosystem, represent its products, services and solutions

·      Participation in OVHcloud events, webinars, user clubs ....

·      Attend major events of partners and communities in target markets

·      Participation in the establishment or evolution of technological partnerships and co-marketing (with private partners and opensource communities)


Monitor product performance

·      Ensure overall consistency of product offerings within their scope

·      Within the Customer Unit, monitor the commercial performance of product offerings to ensure their adoption and growth

·      Set up and lead a weekly and monthly reporting


You are an English native speaker or fluent in english

You have a master's degree from a business school or engineering school

You have more than 7 years experience in BtoB – SaaS, infrastructure or ideally cloud

You have a strong sense of marketing and communication as wellas being customer oriented

You understand business issues and commercial development

You are curious and passionate about cloud products

You have knowledge of the different OVHcloud product universes

You have a good knowledge of private cloud products such as VMware

You have the ability to express yourself clearly in oral and written form

You have a capacity to analyze and make summerizations

You have the ability to lead cross-functional teams

You want to be part of the leading cloud company in Europe


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