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This role is all about empowering and enabling developers everywhere to take advantage of the best open source cloud, data, machine learning and AI technologies, especially on the OVHcloud products. You will be creating documentation, blog content and video content to make sure that customers and colleagues alike have the information they need to succeed. You will create examples and demos so that other engineers can quickly pick up the skills too.


You will be preparing and delivering content for industry events, meetups, conferences and our own events and webinars. Travel is optional in this role; we encourage you to travel if you'd like to, or to contribute in other ways that suit your lifestyle/talents if not. You will also bring your knowledge to our other channels, updating our docs, publishing blog posts, and creating video content for the visual learners in the community. You will craft content that explains complex concept in an understandable and way, as you love pedagogy and storytelling.

You will be an active and authentic participant in the technical communities wherever they gather online and offline. You will be the face of OVHcloud for these communities, their contact when they look for info or need some help.

Your role needs you to engage with both internal and external communities. We expect you to collaborate on content, open source and open standards projects, and to find other opportunities to inform and educate developers.


  • You have a demonstrated track record of being involved in fostering communities, either as a DevRel professional, as a community organizer (meetups, user groups, conference) or as an open-source advocate, and you are excited about helping more people be successful with the best open source technologies around.
  • You have experience creating content for a technical audience, such as blog posts or meetup talks.
  • You have hands-on experience with cloud platforms (IaaS, PaaS, Kubernetes...), database technologies (MongoDB, PostgreSQL...), data processing (Hadoop, Spark...) and/or artificial intelligence and machine learning.
  • You're fluent with one or more programming languages (Python, Go, JavaScript and Java are ideal, but we're open-minded).
  • You love to learn new things and you're curious and excited by technology. You also love to teach and share your knowledge.
  • You are proactive, well organized, and enjoy collaborating with others as a reviewer, listener, creator and cheerleader.
  • You are proficient in spoken and written English and one additional language like French, Spanish, Italian or German.


You will be part of a highly-skilled, tight-knit team, learn from our experience and make your contribution essential to what is becoming a great success story. If you're interested, send us your application.


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