Network Automation Developer F/M


As part of the network department, you will be developing technical, system and software solutions to ensure quality of service, security and to support the rapid expansion of the network infrastructure (physical and virtual) through the design and implementation of automation and abstraction solutions for the deployment and configuration of network equipment.

Your role consists of:

  • Developing and integrating solutions to automate the life cycle of network devices (provisioning/installation/updates/resets)
  • Developing and integrating solutions for the modelling and abstraction of network equipment configuration in a multi-vendor environment
  • Integrating these solutions into an intent-based SDN environment


Your skillset should include:

Substantial experience in:

  • High level programming (Python, Java, Golang, ?.)
  • Distributed software systems architecture
  • Software testing knowledge (T-DD, AT-DD, B-DD)
  • Network knowledge (WAN, DC, SDN, NFV)
  • Software integration (Jenkins, GitLab CI, Concourse Ci, etc.?)
  • Cloud infrastructure knowledge (IaaS Openstack, Kubernetes)

You are recognised for:

  • Being organised, enabling you to create a coherent software environment from a starting point of strong constraints
  • Paying close attention to the details so that everything you develop is clean, reusable and maintainable
  • Enjoying teamwork
  • Being creative about a given problem
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Knowing how to adapt within a constantly changing environment
  • Knowing how to work remotely with colleagues around the world
  • Being fluent in English

Your qualifications and job experience should include:

  • BAC+5 or MSc in computer science and networks or equivalent
  • 5 years professional experience

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