Samir’s story


  • Sports coach
  • Joined June 2016
  • Roubaix

Samir, 34 years old, is a sports coach at OVH. Immersed in the world of sport for his entire life, this former professional footballer is now qualified in this area. Adding to the impressive list countries in which he developed his skills as a professional player (Qatar, Algeria, Tunisia, Belgium), he is now pursuing a STAPS licence (science and techniques in physical and sporting activities) with a specialisation in sports training. He holds a BPJEPS (French professional certificate of youth, popular education and sports) and is here today to answer our questions!

Can you explain your mission in a few words?

My role here is more about guidance. I’m really here to help employees thrive within the company. And my tool for this is sport!

What is your coaching philosophy?

My motto in coaching is “fun”! Fun, above all else. You have to enjoy doing sport. Effort comes naturally. If you want to put in more effort, it comes. But above all, you just have to enjoy it.

In your opinion, what benefit does sport generally bring to a person’s daily existence?

Wellness: it’s above all mental, but also physical. This sense of wellness then turns into something that has a positive impact on many aspects of life: stress management, fatigue, etc. Everyone benefits in one way or another.

What do you think about sport within a company?

Firstly, the sport that we do at OVH is the same as you find in regular fitness centres. What’s really different is the atmosphere. It’s buzzing – not just the participants but me, too! People know each other, so you quickly get a spirit of social cohesion, sharing and camaraderie. All that makes it much easier to do sport. For employees who would never otherwise find the time to go to a fitness centre to work out, that’s a real plus.

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