Mathieu's story


  • Accountant on a work-study programme
  • Joined January 2017
  • Roubaix
  • FFBC Lille 2

Can you briefly sum up your experience and role at OVH?

I’m studying for a Master's degree in Accountancy and Auditing at Lille University Faculty of Finance, Banking and Accountancy (FFBC). I joined OVH as an intern in April 2016. I then continued my career in the company via a professionalisation contract. Today I look after accounting for one entire branch of the group. This mission enables me to get a global overview of the field of accounting. I’m also responsible for other tasks, like bank reconciliation and chasing suppliers. Soon I will be responsible for other parts of OVH.

Do the missions match your expectations?

Totally. Taking charge of accountancy from A to Z has given me the chance to train properly in all the tasks and processes relevant to my field. I also benefit from close supervision from my manager, who is always there for me and answers all my questions.

What has surprised you most during your career at OVH so far?

Meeting Henri Klaba, one of the leaders of OVH, during the integration programme. I found his way of welcoming new employees really touching. In terms of the atmosphere within the company, I love the family spirit, our informality and everything that is done to improve our working environment. Not to mention the guidance provided by the various managers, who are always there and ready to help their teams.

What have you got out of your experience at OVH?

From a technical point of view, I started pretty much from scratch and now I have a good understanding of the processes of accounting plans. At the personal level, well, I’m timid by nature so working in open spaces has helped me to open up more easily to others, to move forward and to meet a whole variety of different people.

Would you recommend OVH to your fellow students?

Yes, without hesitation! We learn an incredible amount at OVH and there are numerous opportunities to grow.

What impact has OVH’s workplace wellness policy had on your daily life?

Which aspects do you like best? I appreciate the fitness room, the concierge service, the break areas, the free hot drinks... All that makes me motivated to work. I don’t arrive at the office dragging my feet! I would love to continue my OVH adventure after the end of my course.

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