Marine’s story


  • Developer on a work-study programme
  • Started March 2015
  • Roubaix, France
  • Lille University of Science and Technology

Can you briefly sum up your experience and role at OVH?

I started working at OVH three years ago. I’ve done two internships and am currently on a two-year work-study programme. And now I’ve just landed a permanent contract as a developer. I’m also responsible for internal inventory tools. I help management controllers and the finance department retrieve the information they need to carry out analyses.

Do you get the chance to interact with the other OVH departments?

I work with a lot of internal teams, like hardware, inventory, finance and server production. I create tools for each of these teams and am available to respond to their requests.

What has surprised you most during your career at OVH so far?

I’m a witness to the group’s never-ending expansion as it develops on its longstanding site. It’s impressive to see a company grow so fast!

Do you recommend OVH to your fellow students?

In fact, I’ve already co-opted a friend from my school and I talk about the company to my acquaintances all the time.

What have you got out of your experience at OVH?

I’ve been proud to be able to learn new languages like AngularJS. These techniques are booming and at the cutting edge of technology. At a personal level, I’ve been able to have interesting discussions with the various teams. It’s a rewarding experience.

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