Jules’s story


  • Developer on a work-study programme
  • Six months
  • Roubaix, France
  • EPSI Lille

Can you briefly sum up your experience and role at OVH?

I’ve been on a work-study contract since October 2016, in the position of developer for the Private Cloud solution. My mission is to act as an interface with the other teams. I develop tools to help these departments work more efficiently.

Have your initial missions been adapted according to your expectations?

Yes, absolutely! In my team, we have a roadmap with various different project evolutions. I’ve been able to choose missions according to my preferences. It’s nice to be able to develop projects we find interesting.

How would you describe your interaction with the international teams?

I’m in contact with the Canadian team, one of OVH’s most important subsidiaries. There are developers on the ground and we communicate with them every day.

What impact has OVH’s workplace wellness policy had on your daily life? Which aspects do you like best?

I love the spirit of flexibility. We have some freedom when completing our projects. What I also value at OVH is that dialogue is encouraged. We are often invited to give our opinion and our preferences on various subjects.

What have you got out of your experience at OVH?

At the technical level, I’ve learned to deploy and automate cloud environments as well as develop parts of the system. It was a lot more hands-on than in the study courses. At the human level, I’ve worked with different subsidiaries and teams. This has enabled me to exchange ideas with lots of different people in a multicultural atmosphere.

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