Basile’s story


  • Digital sales work-study programme
  • Joined September 2016
  • Roubaix, France
  • Grenoble School of Management

Can you briefly sum up your experience and role at OVH?

I’ve been on a work study programme at OVH since September 2016. I work in Digital Sales, in the marketing department. At the head office, we work with the business units of each service. I mainly help organise the marketing for our products, create the website pages, post on our social networks, write articles and define the strategy. One of my missions is to create campaigns which our international branches adapt to their respective countries. You see, we know the products and the branches know their markets.

Do you get the chance to interact with the other OVH departments?

Absolutely! Our marketing department plays a pivotal role, and we are often sought out by the other teams. Most of the time, the other entities actively participate when we create campaigns. For example, they help us to write articles or check our terms and conditions. The technical teams also provide us with a lot of specific information. It can be a bit stressful when you realise you are not an expert in everything, and that often you need to ask for support from other people. But ultimately, this enables me to take on the role of project coordinator and manager, and that’s a bonus!

How would you describe your interaction with the international teams?

It is permanent, above all when we are launching a promotion. We work a lot with our team based in Madrid, in Spain.

What do you love most about your training at OVH?

The atmosphere at OVH is like being in a French Silicon Valley. There are new campuses being built, and cool weeks where a lot of events are organised.

What impact has OVH’s workplace wellness policy had on your daily life? Which aspects do you like best?

The workplace wellness policy was one of the factors that convinced me to join the company. Especially the canteen which is almost free, the sports hall (where I go twice a week), the friendly relations between colleagues and the efforts made to encourage integration within the teams.

What have you got out of your experience at OVH?

At university I studied general concepts on managerial skills, but here - for example with the scale-out model - the strategy is well-illustrated and practical, which is an enriching experience. On a personal level, I have also been given the opportunity to take on a lot of responsibilities and to learn for myself.

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