An internship at OVH
puts you at the core of innovation

Be part of a group that works on an international dimension.

OVH offers a fast-moving and exciting environment for internships and dual study programmes. There are opportunities available in all teams: Tech, Finance, Sales, Digital and Marketing, HR, Industry, etc. 

Deeply interesting missions, autonomy and the international dimension of the projects we offer to students helps them enjoy a comprehensive and relevant training experience.

One of the special aspects of our internships and dual study opportunities is the possibility to adapt each mission to suit an individual student’s preferences and expertise.

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Our students are happy!

OVH has received the title of HappyTrainees 2017-2018 and become one of the top 198 French companies preferred by interns and trainees on dual study programmes.

It’s not us saying that – it’s them! The accolade is awarded according to reviews by interns and dual study trainees in six areas: professional advancement, management, motivation, pride, pleasure and a stimulating environment.

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HappyTrainees FR 2017.2018


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Working together means promoting first-class training programmes, providing digital services and resources, acting as a gateway to the world of work and getting involved in the content of training programmes.

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