Kamil's story

Master MBA diploma for company management


  • Office Manager
  • Since 2004
  • Wroclaw, POLAND

Can you tell us about your experience and your role at OVH?

My journey at OVH started in 2004, as an IT Support Technician. Since then, I have had the opportunity to undertake various jobs within the Group, and eventually became a Team Leader and an OVH spokesperson in Poland.
In 2016, I had the opportunity to take on the role of an Office Manager, which allowed me to tackle another professional challenge in my career at OVH. I supervise the working conditions for all teams in Poland. This includes around 80 people, located in our Wroclaw and Warsaw offices. On a daily basis, I ensure smooth communication between the Polish offices and the whole OVH Group.

Why did you decide to join OVH?

I wanted to join a company where I could use all my professional skills at once: my knowledge of IT and customer relations, but also marketing, finance, and legal areas. It may sound like an impossible dream, but I managed to find OVH through a simple four-line announcement in a paper magazine! From the first interview to having the employment contract ready to go took us five hours! I was surprised, but in time, I discovered that was the daily reality of OVH, where good decisions are made rapidly, with consideration of teams’ knowledge.

What has surprised you the most during your career at OVH so far?

First, I would say the trust that runs from my colleagues, through to the company’s top management. Sure, it comes from making mistakes (or rather, the lessons learned from them), but even then, we never feel abandoned. We work together, through the collective analysis of such cases (also called 'post-mortem' checks). It’s a transparent approach, and an improvement process. In OVH, we are given the role of ‘bus driver’ rather than ‘passenger’.

What does OVH offer you, personally and professionally?

OVH offers me a full spectrum of challenges. I always have to stay on the top of the market, by learning new topics and implementing them in my daily life. Throughout my experience at OVH, I’ve met a lot of people and extended my professional network a lot, especially in the IT sector.

In your opinion, what are the essential characteristics of a good Office Manager?

A great Office Manager is a facilitator and a problem solver, keeping a positive attitude and maintaining the well-being of the company. Having good communication and coordination skills is a must, because you are in touch with all departments and company suppliers every day. It therefore requires hard analytical and financial skills, but also legal and relationship-building ones.
So, if all these things speak to you, join us!

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