Benjamin's story


  • Recruitment Officer
  • Since September 2017
  • Lyon, FRANCE

Could you tell us about your role at OVH? What are the responsibilities you enjoy on a day-to-day basis ?

I am the recruitment officer in Lyon. My role is to recruit the sales, tech/R&D and customer service teams. The unusual thing about me is that I’m the first recruiter not to be based in the head office in Roubaix, which makes me the HR contact for the local teams. So my role also involves supporting and guiding new employees. Another element of my work involves attending trade fairs, forums and other events where we can meet our candidates.

Why did you decide to join OVH ?

I joined OVH for its forward-thinking, innovative ethos. The company came across as a personal adventure, where individual skills and know-how are used to achieve a collective ambition. We tackle real challenges here, and we need to adapt and reinvent ourselves constantly to keep pace with a highly competitive business sector. I fell in love with OVH, and with its vision in particular, during my own recruitment process. I had what I consider the perfect phone interview: a two-way exchange to determine whether the company and the candidate are suited to one another, and could really imagine going forward and working together in the future.

Which project made you feel the proudest ?

Creating the Cloud Support team from scratch in Rennes was a great challenge. I enjoyed working closely with the Cloud Support managers in Roubaix, and seeing the synergy of our skillsets. Together, we took on three major challenges: working together to create an entire support team; ensuring that this team could operate remotely; and finding talent that could share our values with customers. Today, I can see we have built a real collective that has its heart set on fulfilling OVH’s ambitions. I get a real sense of satisfaction from seeing the pride they take in being a part of our adventure !

What does OVH offer you, personally and professionally ?

Meeting my colleagues and seeing the knowledge they bring to the table has broadened my mind in a technical environment that I used to feel so unfamiliar with. I enjoy meeting new people from backgrounds very different to mine; they allow me to learn things I would not otherwise have learned.

OVH has also taught me that mistakes are not the end of the world. They are not even stigmatised here, as they are seen as a learning tool! Thanks to this, I am now less reluctant to take risks, in both my personal and professional lives. I’d always wanted to join a company where I could grow and improve as a person, both personally and professionally. My manager trusts me, and leaves me with a good degree of responsibility in how I do my work. Personally, this boosts my confidence and makes the whole experience even more encouraging.

What would you say to a candidate looking to join your team ?

I would say : “If you want to join a dynamic, fundamentally supportive and ambitious team, and you also want to work alongside friendly, approachable and enthusiastic colleagues, we’d love to hear from you !” With us, you can fulfil your potential, both professionally and as a person! We accept ourselves just the way we are, and this is our strength: embracing and combining our differences is what makes us strong! We are also very keen to make sure that everyone gets the guidance and help they need in order to progress and move forward. Everyone’s individual aspirations work together in harmony, to achieve OVH’s ambitions !”

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