Our Values


Octave Klaba

At OVHcloud, we are different. We are the alternative. Together we build our own history – our own dream of freedom. Each day, we reinvent the rules, we question ourselves, and we disrupt what is established, in order to invent our own way. Our diversity is our strength. Our international talent and know-how is our foundation. Rather than just a technical challenge, OVHcloud is a human adventure – a story of men and women who share the same values, the same working atmosphere, the desire to share a common goal, and the pleasure of working together. Every day you spend at OVHcloud should be a day where you have had fun doing projects together. It is an ideal goal that we have been pursuing since 1999. This company is you! It belongs to you, so take care of it – let us learn and build the future together. We are OVHcloud – our differences bring us together.

Michel, CEO & Octave, Founder and Chairman


Trust For us, trust is key.

We transform our commitments into actions. We are humble enough to understand that we always need others. We do not hesitate to call on others to achieve the goal that we can never achieve on our own. We give everyone the chance to prove themselves and learn from their mistakes. We associate everyone to our circle of trust, including customers and partners. We establish a trust which is collective.

Working Together

Working together inspires everything we do.

We seek systematically to build together, to nurture each other, to grow, thanks to our differences. We have the deep conviction that there is individual success only when supporting the collective success. We identify skills in order to allocate responsibilities. We make compromises, without ever compromising ourselves. We never forget that we are part of a team whose whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


We are people with passion.

We love to share our enthusiasm. We are constantly innovating, creating, discovering, learning. We surpass ourselves, getting better and better. We never abandon things and always follow through. With our partners and all those who think like us, we are continually seeking new solutions, better solutions.  We offer our customers all the expertise that we can. We listen to them, understand them and integrate their feedback. We do our best to always do better, to always do more.


We know when and how to change the rules

to find solutions which, up until then, did not exist.

We identify, transpose and adapt what works elsewhere in order to innovate and create our own solutions. We are continually seeking to simplify our processes and organizations to be more effective and reduce our costs. We do not hesitate to think differently, to be inventive, to find our own path.  But, in all circumstances, we remain disciplined in the execution in order to follow things through. In all that we do, we strive to create more value for our customers.


We assume together our responsability.

We know that each innovation can be positive or negative, according to how it is used. We know the impact of our actions, we are aware of our social and societal responsibility and assume it completely. We accept no trade-off nor compromise regarding the protection of our customers’ data.  In all circumstances, we strive to act ethically to create yet more value for ourselves, our partners and our customers. We make people and their dignity the priority. We are the embodiment of “Innovation for Freedom”.