Our teams

Digital Marketing

Our Digital Marketing department is in charge of developing each and every stage of the customer experience.

IT Systems

Our IT Systems division is responsible for the company’s infrastructures (networks, security, access) and for optimising our digital tools and internal help centre.


Our Finance department oversees all activities relating to finance, law and purchasing, staying as close as possible to the various other departments.


Our Industry department designs and delivers our hardware resources and infrastructures.


Our Legal members apply their expertise to any issue with a legal aspect: contracts, personal data, company law, the responsibility of technical intermediaries, etc.


Our Operations division gathers together the programme directors and project leads who guide our teams.

Human Resources

Our HR department supports the growth of OVH in terms of its economic and, above all, human aspects.


Our Sales department is responsible for the commercial development of all our solutions, via different sales channels.

Customer Service

Our Customer Service department provides high-quality technical assistance to all our customers, wherever they are in the world.

Service Delivery

Our Service Delivery department is responsible for maintaining our solutions and infrastructures in good working order.

Strategic Development

Our Strategic Development department is responsible for devising and putting forward strategies for the future of the OVH Group.

Tech - R&D

Our Tech-R & D department designs and develops the services that will shape the future of OVH.