Global Category Manager Network, Telco & Web H/F


The Global Category Manager Network, Telco & web reports to the Group CPO and acts as a key member of the Global Procurement team to achieve OVH procurement transformation and contribution to the group profitability improvement.
The role includes the sourcing and management of Network, Telco & web procurement in accordance with the Group sourcing strategy and initiatives, in particular around BU Industry and Products.
The Total OVH annual spend for this category is around 120M€ with an expected spend increase of 30%/year. One of the objectives of this management role would be to build and manage the Network, Telco & web practice inside the procurement team, to manage the Global lead buyer Network, Telco & web and potentially reinforce the team.
The Global Category Manager Network, Telco & web proposes enhancements to existing agreements as well as proposes and delivers innovative and consolidated sourcing strategies and practices in conjunction with the group and local stakeholders with the goals of enabling group wide synergies, rationalizing supply base and providing costs, productivity and quality breakthrough. Articulates and delivers Supplier Relationship Management together with operational teams for all major suppliers and partners.

 Your role ?

Business partner for OVH BUs activities to ensure that the performance meets the organisations expectations. Identify, develop and maintain working relationships with key business stakeholders that will enable open communication to discuss and elaborate concrete action plans.

  • Evaluation of Group Network, Telco & web practices to determine if current vendors and processes are optimized and delivering the required results.

  • Review of the Group related activities to determine best approach for rationalisation and consolidation.

  • Management responsibility for Global Suppliers to ensure that all initiatives and programs are implemented.

  • Responsibility for the internalbudget cycle, external spend budgets and other financial issues related to the category.Takes a TCO view of strategic decision and value capture.

  • Perform quarterly reviews with key strategic suppliers when appropriate to monitor supplier performance and compliance to policy.

  • Work with the BU CFOs to analyze sourcing opportunities within the BUs and to deploy such initiatives.

  • Negotiate and maintain all Group Network, Telco & web related contracts in alignment with the Group related strategies.

  • Elaborates with its team and stakeholders the appropriate sourcing strategies for each subcategories procurement, defines the vendor management policies in order to secure savings, technical differentiation and quality

  • Participate in business Network, Telco industry forums to maintain a solid understanding of industry direction and best practices.

  • Contibutes to the Development and implementation of a Group Network, Telco & web strategies.
  • Proactively improves OVH expenses through both demand management and staff compliance with the approved strategy and policies.

  • Acts as a Single Point Of Contact of all new initiatives for BU Products & BU Commerce EMEA.

  • Entertains constructive and mature relationships (SRM, SPM) with strategic vendors and ecosystem


Personal Qualities ?

  •  Excellent communication, interpersonal and networking skills.
  •  Ability to lead and manage a distributed team.
  •  Ability to negotiate on both an intellectual and relationship basis. Positive outcome driven
  •  Highly self motivated towards achieving cost savings and corporate goals (i.e. commercially minded)
  •  A strong leader, but also a team player with the ability to act on own initiative and work well under pressure.
  •  Ability to work with the minimum supervision while feeding back proactively all key issues and sharing information with peers.
  •  Not a risk taker, but must be innovative and always striving to improve performance.
  •  Not a loner; rather, someone who positively enjoys working with others and in a team environment where each member actively seeks to contribute positively even in areas outside their particular remit.
  •  Must have the courage of their convictions and be prepared to educate customers.Must have excellent inter-personal skills to enable them to “sell their ideas “ to key business stakeholders.
  •  Evolutive profile beyond the current role.

Key Areas of Skills & Experience ?


  • At least 5 to 10 years global procurement experience, including management of a cross cultural team.
  • Specific experience in Network and Telco procurement.
  • Experience of strategic sourcing and proven ability to work in a logical and thorough way.
  •  A track record of achieving cost savings and improvements in customer service.
  •  Be aware of new and innovative approaches in hardware and cloud management, where appropriate, make recommendations on new initiatives and concepts.
  •  A successful track record in consolidation of procurement initiatives across geographies.
  •  An excellent negotiator, who works with and develops suppliers to meet customer requirements. Specific knowhow of Network, Telco & web practices.
  •  Experience of both product and services buying together with a strong emphasis on risk management through negotiation of the appropriate contract terms and conditions.

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