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Our Tech-R & D department designs and develops the services that will shape the future of OVH. It also provides the IT systems needed to have the best performance of our business.

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Foto Engine


Our Engine team is at the core of the project to overhaul and modernise our billing system. The aim is to handle the significant volumes created…


L'équipe Bare Metal d'OVH a pour mission principale d'offrir à nos clients la capacité de louer des serveurs dédiés partout dans le monde afin de…

Foto Team Infrastructure


The Infrastructure team supplies innovative services both internally and to our customers in order to ensure the best possible performance of our…

Foto Platform


Our Platform team works tirelessly to make life easier for developers. It supplies commercial solutions to allow them to create ever more…



The challenge of our Network team is to constantly develop our huge global network. To do this, it relies on three main areas of expertise:…

Tech > Cloud

Private Cloud

Our Private Cloud team builds a resilient, solid and highly available infrastructure.
In particular, the team works with VMware technologies…

Public Cloud

Public Cloud

Our Public Cloud team members are experts in matters of infrastructure and scalability. They are responsible for a product that is still fresh and…

Security Operations Center OVH

Security Operations Centre

Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) team constantly searches for potential weak links in the OVH ecosystem. It works with other departments to…

photo storage


Our Storage team develops storage solutions used throughout OVH by our customers as well as internally. Common terminology includes NFS, cold…

Foto Telco


Our technical Telecom team recommends innovative solutions to customers, helping them to optimise their means of communication via our offers such…

User Experience

User Experience

Our UX department is responsible for the technical development of all our user interfaces. These multicultural teams work in different areas (…

Photo équipe web


La mission de notre équipe Web Hosting est de garantir la qualité du service, de l’industrialisation et de l’évolution des produits sur nos…

All our vacancies: Tech - R&D

Position Job Type of contract City Country
Ingénieur Réseau H/F Network CDI Paris (...) France voir
Software Engineer H/F Platform CDI Bordeaux (...) France voir
Administrateur Système - DevOps Stockage Storage CDI Montréal Canada voir
Senior Software Engineer H/F Network CDI Nantes (...) France voir
IT Operations Director H/F Tech - R&D CDI Paris (...) France voir
Project Manager IT– Baremetal H/F Baremetal CDI Brest (...) France voir
SRE Deploy H/F Web CDI Bordeaux (...) France voir
CEPH Internship H/F Public Cloud CDD Rennes France voir
Scale Automation DevOps H/F Network CDI Bordeaux (...) France voir
DevOps Private Cloud H/F Private Cloud CDI Montréal Canada voir
DevOps / Administrateur Systèmes Linux Web CDI Montréal Canada voir
DBA Opensource H/F Private Cloud CDI Bordeaux (...) France voir
Ingénieur systèmes Linux H/F Infrastructure CDI Bordeaux (...) France voir
DevOps Vmware H/F Private Cloud CDI Bordeaux (...) France voir
DevOps Backup & DR H/F Private Cloud CDI Bordeaux (...) France voir
SRE Network Automation H/F Network CDI Nantes (...) France voir
SRE Openstack M/F H/F Public Cloud CDI Bordeaux (...) France voir
Responsable Technique Noms de Domaine H/F Web CDI Bordeaux (...) France voir
DevOps Mail Security - M/F Infrastructure CDI Bordeaux (...) France voir
Engineering Manager Storage H/F Platform CDI Bordeaux (...) France voir