Marion’s story


  • Graphic Designer
  • Since April 2017
  • Roubaix, FRANCE

Can you briefly sum up your role at OVH?

I am a graphic designer in the Communications team. My job is to create visual materials for the internal and external communications teams. On a day to day basis, I am constantly liaising with other people in my department: the Events, PR and Social Media teams, and the team in charge of Internal Communications and the Employer Brand. I also work with all of the other OVH teams that come to us for their communications needs. There’s a wide range of subjects! I work with both print and digital media: posters, flyers, magazines, roll-up banners, exhibition stand design, email banners, social media posts, as well as various merchandise, t-shirts, etc.

What kind of training have you gone through and why did you choose this career?

Having a creative job is all about passion. I had this ambition very early in life and I followed a path in the artistic sector after I left school. I did a BAC STI (Industrial Design and Technology Baccalaureate) with a speciality in applied arts. With this I received training where I could study different areas of design: product design, spatial design, fashion design and graphic design. I then specialised in the latter by taking the BTS Technician Certificate in Visual Communications, followed by a DSAA in Graphic Design. I chose this route because I love being able to think up and design projects, but also to make them a reality and bring them to life. It’s one of the advantages of the job - you really can create a project from beginning to end, from the beginnings of a sketch to the fruition of the final image that is used.

Why did you want to work at OVH?

I’d known about OVH for a long time from my web design courses - my teachers would sing the praises of this French startup company. So naturally, when I moved to Lille, I wanted to be a part of their adventure. OVH gives out a very positive image - its history, its mindset, and its ambition were all qualities that attracted me. But above all, it was thanks to meeting its committed employees, who were proud to work at the company, that I took the leap.

How do you work with the international teams?

The same way that I work with the teams here in Roubaix! We’re located all over France and the world, which is why we have lots of ways to get together remotely for small meetings as well as for sessions with larger groups. Even though we’re thousands of miles apart, we can discuss things with our colleagues as if they were sat right next to us... as long as you’ve factored in the time zone! 

What has stood out for you the most since you started working at OVH?

I was pleasantly surprised by how invested OVH is in integrating their new employees. As soon as we arrived, we started an induction week. I really appreciated this as it built up our confidence, we had our first benchmarks to work towards, we could understand how the company worked, learn about its history, the different departments, etc. These induction weeks also allowed us to meet other people that we may not have necessarily met otherwise. 

What are the advantages of being an in-house graphic designer?

Working as a graphic designer in a company is very different to working for an agency or as a freelancer. When you join a company, it already has a defined identity and code of conduct. They give a framework to projects - you can’t just to do whatever you want! But that doesn’t make it any less stimulating. We’re lucky at OVH because our “customers” are in fact employees from every department! So there is a wide variety of projects with different target audiences, and different ways to address them are needed. That’s why it sometimes feels like an agency: the project leaders come to us and we can help them achieve what they need.
One of the other advantages of being an in-house graphic designer is that OVH offers many opportunities to work on large-scale projects, which is very interesting and rewarding!

What advice would you give to a graphic designer who would like to work at OVH?

You have to be very creative, of course, but also productive! One of the skills you need in order to work at OVH is to be well-organised and know how to manage your own schedule. We’re in a company where things are constantly moving and developing, and there are many demands, so you need to be able to work independently, be adaptable and like taking on challenges.

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