Laura’s story


  • Office Manager
  • Since December 2017
  • Nantes, FRANCE

Laura joined OVH as Office Manager in December 2017, right in the middle of the development phase of the office in Nantes, France. After graduating from a HR generalist programme, she obtained a DUT (technical diploma) in Corporate and Administrative Management. She then completed a Master's degree in Human Resources Management at IAE Rennes. After gaining experience in the video gaming and web sectors, the OVH adventure seemed to her like a natural progression of her career. As we open our new offices, Laura answers all of our questions! 

Can you tell us about your role at OVH?

You will find an Office Manager at every single one of OVH’s sites. They are there to make sure employees have a great experience and to keep the OVH spirit burning brightly on a daily basis. In a way, I act as an interface between the Nantes site and the rest of OVH. Sometimes it’s about spreading internal communications. Other times it’s about representing the voice of the teams on the ground. 

Joining OVH in Nantes was a real opportunity for me, in the sense that I could throw myself into the project right from the start. I was involved with the actual building and setting up of the site, and also with coordinating the arrival of the first employees.  

In your opinion, what are the essential characteristics of a good Office Manager?

Having met Office Managers from other OVH sites, I’m convinced that there isn't a specific profile or career path for this job. Of course, you have to be curious, organised and versatile. But the rest lies in each person’s character: be yourself, listen, be decisive, work with a smile on your face... and also be open to challenges! No day is the same. You often have to tackle new topics and deal with problems you’ve never dealt with before. Personally, I really love the relationship part and the responsibilities I have in my role as Office Manager.   

How would you describe your relationships with the teams?

We’re in the middle of an implementation phase in which every single one of us is involved. To have the chance to participate actively in the launch of a new site is hugely exciting. This fosters team spirit and the strength to keep on progressing. On the company level, I work in collaboration with other Office Managers. We maintain a real dynamic to ensure teams fit together smoothly and that we act consistently with one another.   

What challenges are there in opening new offices? 

In my view, there are two major sides to setting up a new site: deploying the OVH structure and spirit while adapting to specific local conditions. The Nantes site will welcome all types of employee, our aim being to enable talented candidates from the Nantes area to join the OVH adventure in the best possible conditions. They should be able to work in collaboration with our international teams on various of the group’s projects.  

So to ensure the full success of our new site, we have to build solid relationships with local schools, educational institutions and professional networks in order to anchor ourselves for the long term in this historic talent pool for the French tech industry.

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