OVH, freedom of innovation, passionate teams


Octave Klaba

OVH is a really human place, in that each employee is essential in providing the best possible quality of service. It sounds paradoxical in a company that manages so many infrastructures, machines and services, but it’s true: people are at the core of what we do.

Octave Klaba, Chairman of OVH





Trust and integrity

Trust is an important value at OVH – it brings us together. A united front is the key to better serving our customers and partners that are affiliated with OVH. Trust means turning actions into commitments, and working in harmony. It means making use of all of this energy to develop strong relationships based on trust with our employees, customers, suppliers and shareholders.


Teamwork, our strength

We are better together. OVH is a team in which the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
Cohesion, trust, integration and respect for each individual’s talents allow us to achieve common goals. Our richness comes from exchanging ideas in an atmosphere that feels human, diverse and stimulating. Sharing knowledge and experience is something we do every day. Just like the internet, our work is all about participation and collaboration. Collective strength comes from individual fulfilment.


Passion, our mindset

Passion is something all OVH employees have in common. Passion for new technologies, for the digital world. Passion for creating and producing high-quality services for everyone involved with the company – not least, of course, our customers.

Passion is what drives us to develop new skills, strive for excellence and push the boundaries.

Innovation, our DNA

Anticipating and questioning are the instincts that allow the company to differentiate itself from its competitors and stay ahead of the market. Disruptive innovation is deeply ingrained in the history and current practices of OVH. Pragmatic and determined, the teams tirelessly optimise and invent in every single area.
This constant innovation isn’t only about technology – it applies to everything we do in the company. Everyone has the opportunity and the means to bring new ideas to the table.



We assume our responsibilities together. It is behind all of our actions and encourages everyone who works at OVH to fully assume responsibility in their own work, and to help the company protect our customer’s data by behaving ethically. Responsibility allows us to combine ambition and realism, gives us room for error, commands exemplary behaviour and guides us in our decisions and in fulfilling our commitments for a more sustainable IT infrastructure.